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Sobotní kilíčko. Káva a Birell, vše samozřejmě bylo 😃
Check out my activity on Strava:

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Today, AntennaPod turns a decade old! 🎉 We are
🙏 thankful for the creator, maintainers & all other contributors
🙌 proud of & honored by the tens of thousands of users who chose AntennaPod
💪 eager for the next 10 years of innovation, collaboration & app development!

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REUTERS: The company found itself on the EU competition enforcer's radar again after German software provider Nextcloud, France's OVHcloud and two other companies filed complaints about Microsoft's cloud practices.

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Dovolená super, jen by u nás ve vchodě, nesměli opravovat balkony a od sedmi startovat pikovačky :-)

To se tak člověk přepne do Win a může klidně na kafe 😃

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Hi everyone,

A new release just came out on F-Droid!

Big update and changes of the colors in the app.

You can now choose a color accent out of the four possible choices, the bottom bar in the main activity was updated to a more "Material 3" look.

This release also adds a new mascot drawing (which I commissioned with funds from NLnet 🇪🇺)

I hope you like it 😄

Have a nice day!

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Ty tapety v prostě nemají chybu. Ty jsou fakt hodně povedený 👍👍

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18/07/2022: Stephan's Quintet from Webb, Hubble, and Subaru

Tak aplikace už také podporuje push notifikace přes 👍

Asi zruším XMPP server. Co jsem udělal mosty na ostatní messengery v Matrixu, tak už xmmp vůbec nevyužívám a jsem jen na Matrixu.

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64,007,732 to be precise, as of right now 🎉. Thank you everyone for flying Matrix - the age of decentralised communication is upon us!!


60 million in the Matrix as users seek decentralized messaging


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